Navina Jafa is a cultural activist, academician in Heritage education, tourism, dance studies, culture and development and conflict resolution through heritage. She is also a renowned classical dancer. Having pioneered academic cultural tourism, her work has reached out to academicians, high level political and economic delegates, students, corporate executives and children. She has designed and executed academic tours as experiential learning of India.

Dr. Jafa was a Fullbright Scholar on Cultural Management and cultural diplomacy at the Smithsonian Center for Folk life and Cultural Heritage in Washington DC, USA. She has also in the capacity of Feldman Scholar taught a paper on Performance, Culture and Development at the School of Sustainable International Development at Brandeis University, Boston, USA. She was also a research scholar at the Indira Gandhi Center for the Arts (IGNCA) and was scholar to link theory & praxis of Kathak Aesthetics at the Kathak Kendra, National Institute of Kathak Dance.

Dr. Jafa has contributed to development programs for artisans at Foundation or Arts a non profit organization based in Delhi and has as a lead consultant on intangible Heritage executed programs on cultural representation for the Asian Heritage Foundation, New Delhi.

Dr. Navina Jafa for the last one year has been appointed the lead Heritage Consultant for Shahjahanabad Redevelopment Corporation, Government of Delhi. Her role in the organization is to strategize a heritage awareness movement program among citizens of Delhi, to develop heritage events and to work with schools on heritage education. Her role is designed to assist in heritage conservation by creating public awareness on the value of heritage and education of keeping heritage landscapes clean among all sections of citizens of the city.

Dr. Navina Jafa is also responsible for a project on cultural mapping of intangible heritage for the organization. Dr, Navina Jafa has recently been appointed Chief Convener on Heritage Education by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This body covers pan India is a progressive board, working directly under the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, India. The prime focus of the Board is to bring about innovations in teaching, learning methodologies and reforms in examinations and evaluation practices. Teacher training programs and workshops are conducted by the Board to update the pedagogical skills of teachers and administrators. She also is assisting in developing the narrative on the website on Heritage Education for the organization. Dr. Jafa heads Indian Cultural Heritage Research a consortium of Cultural Scholars engaged in various issues on cultural policy, cultural administration/ diplomacy, heritage education, creating dossiers on cultural projects.

Her work on Art of Heritage Presentation was recently reviewed in the Financial Times as ‘Gatekeeper of the Spectacular!’ Along with her work on Heritage she continues to research on Dance and continues to perform Kathak as a concert artist.

Her book titled Performing Heritage: Art of Exhibit Walks is a pioneering work on the technique and art of Cultural Representation through the medium of Heritage Walks as experiential academic tool.

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